Re-elect Barb Clumpus

Re-elect Mayor Barb Clumpus

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to lead this thriving community. I feel that my job has just begun and I would be honoured to serve another four years as your mayor to continue the momentum.”

As Mayor of Meaford, Barb Clumpus has kept the promises she made, and she’ll continue to

  • Achieve financial sustainability and new growth
  • Discover good, made-in-Meaford solutions
  • Do things “right”, even if that takes a little more work and time
  • Always be responsive to citizens in every part of Meaford

Barb’s Priorities

  • To stay the course in our strategic focus areas of rehabilitating roads and bridges, of financial sustainability, growing the economy, and strengthening our community. A funding model for infrastructure should consist of managed debt and responsible tax increases; applying for all funding opportunities and fully exploring all alternatives.
  • To exploit all opportunities to continue growing our economy by building an environment that supports new investment.
  • To encourage responsible development to meet diverse residential needs.
  • To advance community development, including the new school build, the library, the viability of our hospital, safety and policing, and exploring private and public partnerships.


  • Annually invested a minimum of 1.5% of operation budget to preservation — keeping good roads good.
  • Major road reconstruction projects completed across the Municipality – $3.7M budgeted in 2018.
  • Contributed annual surplus funds or unexpected other revenue to infrastructure projects



  • Exceptional building permits growth throughout her term – $66M in last 18 months.
  • Agribusiness grew with the addition of a new winery, two cideries, and a new 350-acre orchard operation.
  • Fostered a welcoming environment for developers, investors, and new residents.


Municipal governance

  • Long term debt reduced by $4.2M – 39%
  • Debt management and reserve capacity has favourably positioned the Municipality to apply for infrastructure grants.
  • Infrastructure reserves increased 75% to $7M
  • Consumer Price Index has risen by 13.5% since 2009, yet operating expenses have been held to only 5.7% – 7.8 points below inflation!


Barb’s initiatives

  • Barb championed the fight to the board of the NEC to successfully prevent expansion of NEC lands in the Municipality
  • Created and led a team to fight the closing of all our schools — resulting in the Province building a new $24.1M JK to 12 school
  • Spearheaded community support to save our hospital operating room and challenged the hospital board, resulting in a successful outcome.
  • Cultivated a team approach, building collaborative relationships with the community, staff, and all levels of government.